Live Sound for Small Venue (Nice Guys -Technical stuff)


Place: The Factory on Grant in Norwood, JHB

When: First Saturday of every monthJ

Equipment we’re using:

Peavey 16channel analogue mixer

Peavey powered PA, 2x tops and 2x bass bins

DBX ProVocal channel processor

Fender Baseman Amp

Mics: (Shure)1x Beta58, 1x SM58, 3x SM57, 2x SM81, 1x SM51,


VOCALS: For the lead vocals we are using a Shure Beta58 microphone into a DBX ProVocal effects and dynamics processor to control and preamp the signal, then into the PA mixer.

BACKING VOCALS: We are using SM58’s straight into the desk with on-board eq and reverb.

GUITARS: For the acoustic guitars, we are taking line out directly to the PA mixer, and using the mixer’s on-board effects and compression.

For the electric guitars we will be using the bands guitar amps. Guitar amps are loud on their own and have built-in tone and volume control. But just in-case we are also micing up the amps to the PA with the ever-awesome SM57.

For the bass guitar we will use our trusty side-kick, the Fender Baseman (that’s a valve driven base amp), 18inch woofer – awesome warm sound J

KEYBOARD: Line out directly to the PA mixer

DRUMS: Depending on how hard the drummer plays, a drum kit can be very loud, especially in a small enclosed space. So in this instance we are reinforcing the kit with only three mics. One overhead condenser microphone placed above the kit (our choice: Shure SM81) and one instrument microphone placed about 4cm away from the snare drum (our choice: Shure SM57). And we are using the SM51 for the kick drum.


BOOOM!! Hope to see you there 🙂

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