African Cream Music – Music Catalogue, Consultation
Amorphous – Voice Over, Final Mix
Audi – Final Mix, Composition, Foley, SFX
Audio Jelly – Digital Downloads, Record Label
Beatport – Digital Downloads, Record Label
Bank Seta – Final Mix
Comedy Central – Final Mix
DJ Download – Digital Downloads
Gendel – Sonic Indent
Glasfit – Final Mix
Guinness – Sync, Composition
Intertalent – Voice Artists
I Tunes – Digital Downloads
Mango – Sonic Indent
Marvel – Composition, 5.1, Surround Sound
Mercedes Benz – In House, AV, Audio Visual
Metro FM – Theme Song, Composition, Final Mix
MIO – Music interview
MTV – Composition, Final Mix
Media World Studios – Lip Sync
Nedbank – Voice Over, Final Mix
Roche – Voice Over
Safari – Foley, Final Mix, Library Music
Simfy Africa – Digital Downloads
Soccer 6 – Sync, Final Mix
Spotify – Music Streaming
The Fort – Voice Over, Final Mix, Live Sound, Events
The Project – Final Mix, Composition, Foley, Surround Sound
Traxsource – Digital Downloads
Virgin Atlantic -  5.1 Surround Sound FITFOO
Y&R – 5.1 Surround Sound FITFOO