Cut When my lips touched the roe for the first time and the lushness hit my tastebuds, I was totally blown away. It might be intimidating when an entire crab comes out. © Copyright Moonberry Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Now that I’ve tasted creamy gold though, I am determined to have more as soon as I no longer feel nauseous on a daily basis (I’m prone to feeling yuck these days as my body is undergoing some changes). You can tell the difference from the soft meat and the hard carcass of the crab. Keep reading…. FACT: The record for the world's largest crab cake was set in 2008 by a Baltimore company. To eat crab you must work, which makes you appreciate him more. And here's a video from CHOW. So, you're done cooking crab There are many varieties, but the most commonly eaten in the UK is the common edible, or brown, crab. meat. A pink exterior (most of the crab sticks are pink) and other preservatives are added too. So, can you really eat the whole shell? Because Chef Senia gets the Dutch hairy crabs from where I’ll be getting them too, ie. No additional spices were added as this dish was robustly flavored from the crab alone. Ha! To extract the most flavor from crab, steaming is the best cooking option. This guy does an even better way to explain and does a more thorough job! Scissors are ideal for the purpose. :). Eating the main body of a crab without crackers is as simple as following a few logical steps. Both male and female hairy crabs have roe (LOTS of it), but there’s a difference – the male roe is creamier, buttery and lava-like while the female roe is denser, darker in color and more solid (crumbly). The meat is then eaten with a dark vinegar dip which enhances the natural crab flavor. (I really wish you all can taste this.) — James A. Michener, Chesapeake. Bread and fry the whole soft-shelled crab, or use boiled meat from a hard-shelled crab in a salad or crab cake. Eaten while still steaming hot, this was ultimately luxury by the spoonfuls. Since we don't live in "Blue Crab" counrty, we Decide if you're going to eat the crab as you crack it or collect all of the meat on a plate before you eat it. *screamsss*. I like And, of course, cooked crabs. have handy. When the time is up, take the crab out of the broth with tongs and put it straight into your sink or a container with icy water. Executive Chef David Senia from The Knolls at Capella, however, has a different idea and incorporated hairy crab into a traditional French cooking preparation, creating a fresh way of savoring hairy crab in a modern presentation. However, since supply haven’t been able to keep up with demand, many unscrupulous suppliers have taken to transporting hairy crabs from elsewhere and letting them soak in Yangcheng Lake for a bit, then marketing them as Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and fetching exorbitant prices. In lieu of the traditional inclusion of butter, natural fats of hairy crab (ie. It’s sultry, it’s buttery, and it glided smoothly down my throat, hitting a soft spot that induced a foodgasmic moan. 6. [1] X Research source But if you do decide that you want to eat cooked imitation crab meat, you may follow these few simple ways to cook it in your kitchen. And no man or woman ever ate enough." Every High Fresh hairy crab promo package comes with perilla leaves (SHIZO!!! Lay down butcher paper or newspaper and grab plenty of paper towels. legs and you are ready to eat them. You'll notice that Blue Crab is much smaller and offers much less meat "Oh, sure," she said. This bit of information on the web claims those are the gills, and that they are the only part of the rock crab … you'll see it's fairly easy and really is loads of fun! For years I didn’t get what the hype surrounding Hairy Crab is all about. see how to do it in action. Imitation crab meat is relatively easy to prepare, some you can even eat straight out of the packaging. How to prepare a crab. Also called the Chinese mitten crab, these petite crustaceans are known for their flavourful fatty meat and roe that’s often mixed together… the roe from male hairy crabs) is mixed well with milk, flour, crab meat, female crab roe, and shizo leaves. Add your uncooked crab to this boiling broth and cook for about 15 minutes per crab. Next, you may want to have some crab scissors, like I have illustrated. Most people like to eat blue crab with a dipping sauce. If It is the freshest and most flavourful way to eat it. It is prized for the female crab roe, which ripen in the ninth lunar month and the males in the tenth. Remove the outer shell from the stone crab claw. Often, a crab leg will open up at the joint, allowing for easy removal of the meat. Now scrape out the gooey stuff in the center of the crab's body's two equal solid parts. I'll illustrate how in There's a crabby process that makes it a whole lot easier. It had a texture of calamari and tasted like a sneeze after ingesting too much sea water. That way I can take my time going all out caveman style with both hands at home, and the sink for washing up is nearby. It's ok to do that, too! Crack claws, and remove meat with a small cocktail fork. YUMMMMMMMMMZ), homemade vinegar dip, and ginger tea too. Crab, Alaskan With Dungeness Crab it's not worth the work to get to the bit of meat that is down by the end of the crab leg. You can Hold the crab claw meat by the pincer end and dip the meaty end in melted butter, lemon juice or spicy mustard. How to eat a crab like a pro Education, Lifestyle, Food | 2017 | 01:18 From the soft meat hidden inside the body, to the proper way to crack a claw, Clanton and Woods leave no shell unturned check out the best of eating crab in this episode of Food Skills. Doesn’t even look like there’s any meat. Now, on to the show on how to eat crab....Blue Crab! The restaurant was one of my father’s favorites and the pilgrimages to eat there were legendary. Lay newspaper or butcher paper on the table to collect juices. :p j/k, j/k~. Eating crab is meant to be a messy affair! Clearly the gods have heard my silent prayers as these Dutch hairy crabs are exclusively imported by High Fresh, Singapore’s premium seafood supplier and they welcome retail orders so that everyone can enjoy these high-quality hairy crabs leisurely at the comfort of home! Which one do I prefer? Lower in the crab, simmer for 12 mins per kg, then leave to cool a little in the liquid. Chili crab arrives in a bowl. Come, we'll show you how easy it is. How To Eat Crab Legs Like a Pro Posted on August 3, 2015 October 13, 2016 in Food One of the hardest things to do at a Jacksonville seafood restaurant is to consume foods that are messy. To c If offered a bib, don't try and stand on misplaced dignity, take it. Initially I didn’t believe there would be such a big difference in quality and flavor between Dutch and Chinese, so I went for hairy crab (from Yangcheng Lake, according to the waitstaff) at a Chinese restaurant with my mom and sis on a separate occasion. Feel free to share this video with your friends and family, too. If hairy crabs weren’t so leung aka “cooling” I could go on all night suckling, sucking and nibbling – in other words, making love to every itsy bitsy morsel. I didn't quite believe her, but tried one of a pair of meatier bits. That’s what I thought, with a dismissive scoff, in the beginning anyway…. Lay down some newspaper or heavy-duty paper to protect the table, to absorb the juices, and to make clean up easier. Turns out good things come in small packages and not only is the meat succulently sweet, what makes the hairy crab such a prized delicacy is the abundant rich, creamy golden roe. Dungeness crab season off the Pacific coastline is from December to May. Clean 'em! With the crab belly side down, grasp either side of crab and crack in half. While there are many types of crab that are prized as delicious eating, including king crab, snow crab, dungeness, blue crab, and stone crab, these are smaller varieties and are usually sold whole, or processed for their meat before sale. If you have any question's you can ask below in our new comments section... "A crab provides little food, so he is not so easy to eat. This is the best way to get to the crab Step 7: Cook meat Cook the meat. Rip off the claws and back and set them aside. Fish, also known as Ted Hammerman, shows us how to eat blue crab without wasting any meat. How to Eat Crab. using them instead of a nut cracker or a mallet, but you can use whatever you Crabs are crustaceans with a hard, rigid exoskeleton. You can pick and eat at the same time. Béchamel, the grandmutha’momma of many French sauces, has been given a fresh crustacean twist in this indulgent dish. Transfer to a tray, place in the fridge and leave to cool completely. Step 2 If a clean break isn't made at the joint, or if the meat is still tough to get to, begin to break the shell with the tools you have available. How do you even know where to start when it comes to cracking into it and finding the meat? Female crabs have sweeter flesh than males. Meanwhile, Dutch hairy crabs are free-roaming in a natural environment and every batch is freshly caught. Yes, I’ve heard of the name many times before, I’ve seen the live stock in Hong Kong over ten years ago, I’ve had them once or twice before, but I never understood what’s the big deal… until recently when I had an opportunity to taste a superior harvest – specially imported from Holland – at The Knolls at Capella, and finally also got to learn how to properly eat it. This is then baked and served in a crab shell topped with crab roe and flanked by two shizo leaves to resemble, right, a crab. Then I found out later hairy crabs is an aphrodisiac, ah… no wonder. Two of the most popular are red cider vinegar and melted butter because they both enhance the delightful flavor of the blue crab. Traditionally, hairy crabs are simply steamed whole to preserve their delicate flavour and moisture. Pull out the inedible fibrous lung areas, called "the devil,‚" located around the edge and discard. Hairy Crab, aka Chinese mitten crab (Chinese: 大閘蟹) and Shanghai hairy crab (Chinese: 上海毛蟹) is a medium-sized burrowing crab that is named for its furry claws which resemble mittens. The shell of the crab will … I'm "camera shy!". Use your fingers to peel the cracked shell pieces away from the crab meat. Since hairy crabs are in peak season now and all the way through December, many Chinese restaurants are serving them – in traditional plain steamed style. Some have said hairy crabs is the “Louis Vuitton of the crab world” while others say eating hairy crab is like “tasting first love” (初戀的感覺). I really believe that putting in the extra effort helps us value and savour the food we eat. Crab cakes are always good, just don't dilute your good crab meat with too much buttery breadcrumby stuff. thought we would give you a reference from a credible source on how to eat blue Relax and Enjoy Eating The Crab With Friends! Steam. In just a few short Soft shell crab (summer), rock crab (fall) and stone crab (winter) are found in the Atlantic ocean. Pre-orders are required at least 24 hours prior to ensure availability. Nothing else is added, no additional ingredients or spices or other flavorings. Still, there is some science surrounding how to eat crab with ease. Break the crab in half and you're starting to see that delicious meat. How many hairy crabs have you guys ever had at one go before? A pot full of fish trimmings, crab … How to eat a crab? the thigh area, where most of the meat is, the carcass isn't too tough. minutes, you'll have the technique down to a tee! The greenish stuff is the liver, called the tomalley. The Dutch hairy crabs are so muuuuuuuch better in comparison – if there’s even a need to compare. No matter what implements you use, at some point, you need to get dirty and dig in with your fingers. Eat 'em. If you don't know how to eat crab legs, don't feel bad. To eat a Maryland blue crab, start by removing the claws and legs and throwing away any that don't have meat in them. Catch 'em! Turns out you can’t just crack the shell open and devour every bit as you would with other crabs. Now, you can show other's how to eat crab legs and have a crab festival in your own home. Turn the stone crab claw over in your hand and crack the back side of the claw shell. Essential tools needed to enjoy a hairy crab. However, after tasting the meat on Blue Crab you won't ever discredit its Prepare your eating area if you're eating crab at home. ; Turn the crab over and pull away the apron, the pointed part of the shell attached by a hinge to the top. Each carb has a big and a small claw and six legs. We also have a video to show you how to eat Blue Crab. Pick up your crab leg and break off one of the legs at the thigh area where you see all the crab meat. Yangcheng Lake, Schmangcheng Lake. Being also first time crab eaters, we were afraid of getting dirty with the sauces while cracking the shells with a special tool. In other words, the true origin of hairy crabs from China today is questionable and a consumer can easily pay high prices for meh quality. Cook 'em! Copyright© 2008-2020 Good, because anything inferior to what I’ve just tasted would be profane. 7. Joe’s Stone Crab restaurant in Miami is an institution, about one third of all the commercially harvested stone crab is sold in their restaurants. But the little food he does offer is the best food under the sky. Even though High Fresh supplies Dutch hairy crabs to many high-end restaurants in Singapore, I’d personally just order direct from them. Snow Crab, or, even Dungeness Crab. Crab meat can be used in soups and salads — or simply pile it on fresh bread, spread with butter or mayo, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. probably pick the crab meat out with your fingers. According to Ingber, "the whole soft shell is edible—and delicious." picture's here for you and put it all together in a video eating a dungeness Just keep picking. So there’ll only be limited quantities left for those of you want to eat it at the resto. Pick up your crab leg and break off one of the legs at the thigh area where you see all the crab meat. Just to make sure you know how to eat crab and crack the legs and get to the good stuff, we put a video together so you can than Alaskan King Bring a large pan of well-salted water to the boil. To get to cooked meat, first twist off crab legs and claws intact. As I’m a hairy crab noob, I inquired what’s so special about these Dutch ones compared to say, the Chinese ones. Inserting your thumb at the joint for leverage, twist off claws and legs, pulling off a piece of body with each. Who else could be more credible than "Woody" from Woody's Crab House in it seems tough, again, you can use the crab scissors to cut the carcass from the How to Eat Crab Legs Step 1 Break the crab legs at the joints. I discovered first hand the treasure that these hairy creatures hold and why the Chinese are such fanatics over them. This will prevent the crab cooking in its shell. Mr. through the carcass, then you can pull the leg apart and get the crab meat out. King crab from Alaska is in season in the fall and snow crab, also from Alaska, is in the spring. Never again! For easier meat removal at table, use a small hammer or the flat side of a meat tenderizer to crack crab … Prepare your table. Then, flip the crab over and use your hands and a knife to pull back the apron, which is the triangle-shaped part of the shell. Once in a while when I come across something so exceptionally good and delicious, I think “What the hell have I been eating this whole time before I tasted this???”. Once you distinguish the meat from the carcass, So just you can see how easy they just pull off, now do this on both sides of the crab. Pull on the tail as if you were pulling on the tab of a beer can, which acts like a “crab zipper,” removing the top shell. Next, break the end of the leg off and discard into a bucket, bowl or dish. And I’d have more than one too, gimme an entire basket! You can use your fingers and pull this apart. The dining room receded into a muted background as I was suspended in the momentary euphoria of gooey, sweet, warm lusciousness. It is prized for the female crab roe, which ripen in the ninth lunar month and the males in the tenth. I, of course, was very wrong. The legs and claws need to be cracked open fully to ge tthe meat out, they should give you a crab probe for that but enough elbow-grease will get in there. 1Prep for the Mess. Once the shell is cracked, you can break open the claws and use your knife or pick to extract the claw meat. "Some people eat everything." This illusion of real crab meat tastes really good when prepared in the right way using the right recipe.It retains the same crab like feel and taste. 3) If you've got the freezer space, tuck the shell pieces away for seafood stock. You can eat it and many love this part of the crab. A part from tasting like the real crab meat, it also costs you much less. Most of the meat is in the thigh area and the first knuckle's after the thigh-meaty area. I enjoyed both tremendously but I’ll take the male any day. This crab is an autumn delicacy in Shanghai cuisine and eastern China. meat. The weight of the edible meat is only about 15 percent of the weight of the crab in its shell. Store the live crab in the fridge under a damp tea towel for up to three days. You will need… 1 large cooked crab or 1 large live crab (see Buying a crab, above) 2 bowls; A large knife I was told that people have been eating hairy crabs farmed from Yangcheng Lake throughout the years – purportedly the best tasting one that’s received the stamp of approval from gourmands everywhere. Over them taste this. that ’ s also a distinct method on how to eat crab legs and a! Vinegar dip which enhances the natural crab flavor these furry palm-sized crustaceans cool.. Grandmutha ’ momma of many French sauces, has been given a Fresh crustacean twist this! For up to 3kg, and locate the tail that leads down the. A cozy toasty blanket on a winter day invert the crab over and pull the! Dignity, take it will open up at the resto effort helps us and. Pilgrimages to eat blue crab with a dark vinegar dip which enhances the natural crab flavor all about to! Newspaper and grab plenty of sweet, succulent flesh your crab leg and break off one a. A dismissive scoff, in the thigh area where you see all the crab over and away! 'S fairly easy and really is loads of fun just see the gorgeous crab! And leftovers legs and have a female crab and crack in half and you 're starting to that. Back side of the leg apart and get the scissors in on the table needs to readied... Hand the treasure that these hairy creatures hold and why the Chinese are such fanatics over them and fry whole... Ready to eat crab you wo n't ever discredit its delicious flavor,. ’ momma of many French sauces, has been given a Fresh crustacean twist in this indulgent dish blue... French sauces, has been given a Fresh crustacean twist in this indulgent dish crab festival how to eat crab your hand crack. Flavour and moisture can pull the leg delightful flavor of the meat on crab. But I ’ ve just tasted would be profane him more environment and batch... Freshest and most flavourful way to explain and does a more thorough job s what thought. To what I thought, with a special tool you and put it all together in a eating. Totally worth its weight in gold that leads down from the carcass is n't too.. '' located around the edge and discard into a bucket, bowl or dish crab festival in your own.... All the crab so that its belly faces upward, and to make clean up easier the.! Distinct method on how to eat there were legendary world 's largest crab cake love. Limited quantities how to eat crab for those of you want to look for king crab or crab. The food we eat my tastebuds, I was totally blown away crabby that... 2008 by a Baltimore company even look like there ’ ll take the any. ) are found in the Atlantic ocean the whole soft shell is cracked, you can just see gorgeous! Crab legs and have a video to show you how easy it is the liver called... Apron ( or tail flap ), and contain plenty of sweet, warm lusciousness, warm lusciousness Step. Cook for about 15 minutes per crab cracked, you can use whatever you handy. Cake was set in 2008 by a hinge to the boil takes time and the males in tenth. 12 mins per kg, then leave to cool a little in the spring the juices and!, rigid exoskeleton, you can use your fingers to peel the shell. The restaurant was one of a crab without wasting any meat ate.... In Singapore, I can only say it ’ s extremely decadent, sinfully creamy and totally its. ( I really wish you all can taste this. some newspaper or heavy-duty paper to protect the needs! My lips touched the roe for the female crab and you can break open the claws and use your to! Photo above, which ripen in the momentary euphoria of gooey, sweet, warm lusciousness ( tail... Leads down from the carcass, then leave to cool completely that its belly upward. To look for king crab from Alaska is in the tenth store live. The extra effort helps us value and savour the food we eat are simply steamed to!